Virtual Wedding 

When your wedding is postponed due to Lockdown – Garden Wedding Commitment Ceremony commences.

A Virtual Wedding celebration for Liam (28) and Lindsey (30) were due to marry on 24th April 2020 at New Hall Hotel & Spa, Sutton Coldfield. As with a lot of other Bride and Grooms they were left devastated that their wedding needed to be postponed. They were looking forward to celebrating their wedding with their family members and like many couples they have  guests that are in poor health. They wanted to create a day that no one would forget.

So, with the day postponed we set to work to create a day that would stay in Liam and Lindsey’s minds and that of their guests for years to come making lovely memories of the day that should of been.

With the weather forecast set to be sunny the idea came to life for a garden ceremony which we would looked to live stream to all of their guests where ever they maybe through facebook and Zoom. The question was, had we done this before and the answer was well no but we could not let this day pass without doing something. We set up a facebook group and shared it across our social media inviting everyone to attend this special event.

The plan was coming together but we needed a helping hand from a few industry colleagues to really make the day a little more real. The response was over whelming, so videos and messages were recorded by Lawence Mckenna Toast Master, Beckeny Acoustic duo, Cave Violin together with bouquets made by Flower Designs of Lichfield and not forgetting our amazing photographer for the day Stuart James who became our minister.

With everything in place Lindsey and Liams garden was transformed by us create a stunning aisle with beautiful blossom trees, candles and lanterns ready for the commitment ceremony to take place.

The technical stuff was put in-place, well, iPads and iPhones and the AV desk ( or our apple computer which was set up in our house) the ceremony begun.

The guests started signing in not really knowing what to expect seeing Liam at the end of the aisle in his black tux waiting for his bride, the toast master introduced the day, and the tones of Becky rang out. You could see the emotion in the guest’s eyes has Joanne played A million dreams on the Violin as Lindsey walked down the aisle after her bride dog Pablo stole the show.

What an amazing day to see Lindsey and Liam mark their original wedding day in this way, and the sight of everyone enjoying every moment, with smiles and tears, messages of congratulations and the out spilling of emotions. What a day to remember.

Watch the Live Ceremony that was played to guests.


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